Peterson/Hayes Duo

Flute & Percussion

San Antonio based Flute and Percussion Chamber Ensemble. Kristin Hayes - Flute, Eric Peterson - Percussion

Visitor Pass - Digital Download


Visitor Pass - Digital Download


Music for Flute and Vibraphone


1-3. Mobbing Calls by Steven Snowden
       I. Finches
      II. Bluegills
     III. Meerkats
4. Polyconic Projection by Luke Gullickson
5-9. Postcards From an Imaginary Travelogue            by David Asher Brown
       I. Crux
      II. Miniluv
     III. Ishtar Gate
     IV. Orient Express
      V. Pablo Casals in Barcelona
10. Scattering Bright by Pierce Gradone
11. Isla by Ian Dicke


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